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As a native Nashvillian I have been blessed to live and work here my whole life. 

My love for photography is just as great as my love for this town. I picked up a camera when my son was born eighteen years ago. I started shooting seriously in 2014. I get out as much as I can to explore Nashville and take in the beauty, growth, excitement and history with my camera and cannot get enough of this magnificent town. 

I want to share my images of Nashville, the state of Tennessee and my travels with you through my prints that can be purchased on this site. But I also want to share my love of my hometown with you in another way. I have chosen a few iconic images of Nashville from my photos to make into vinyl car magnets and car stickers so everyone can give a shout out to Nashville. Click "HERE"and go to my "SHOP" page to see my current collection of Nashville CAR Magnets, Stickers, Nashville T shirts, Note Cards and more. You can share your love of this great place with everyone as well. 

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