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In addition to purchasing my pictures of Nashville and the great state of Tennessee, here on this website, I also have taken several iconic Nashville themes and created something very special. Click on the link below for more information.

terrilwatsonphotographystore.com - Focused on Nashville

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My gallery provides you with options to purchase prints. Scroll through the images and click the "GREEN" buy button and then choose the size desired. Depending on your style there are a few types of finishes to my prints. Below is a description of each.

"LUSTRE" prints - offer the best of both worlds: the color saturation of glossy finish with the fingerprint resistance of matte. And none of the glare associated with glossy prints! In a Glossy print when the angle changes, glare becomes far more evident than in a "Lustre" print. "Lustre" has a satin-like sheen and a modestly textured surface that you can see when the light angle is just right. "Lustre" prints from EZPrints, who will produce the prints you have chosen, are printed on Fujifilm Super Type PD paper, which is heavier than matte, and are watermarked on the back as follows: Fujicolor Professional Paper If copyright applies, permission to reproduce required.

"METALLIC" prints -  are printed on Fujifilm Digital Pearl paper. The embedded pearl-like crystals give the paper a high-gloss reflection, especially in the highlights. Enhancing the freshness of the image and an assurance for clearer, more distinct images. Vibrant color reproduction – An expanded color reproduction range with high color saturation. These lend pictures such an intense warmth and depth; they become a true sensation for the eye. 

"GLOSSY" - Excellent Color Reproduction. Gradation is smooth and neutral. Brilliant whites, with clear and distinct highlight details. Results: vivid color Excellent Image Stability and accurate Whites. You will receive prints filled with beautiful color, from subtle shades of green, to vivid blues and reds, together with brilliant whiteness, and clear and distinct highlight details. Excellent light storage stability and high image stability during long-term dark storage. (all on Fujifilm) 

"MATTE" - (description per SmugMug) Matte paper has a very smooth, non-glare surface. Matte finishes have a lower contrast when printed and are often used to enhance the texture of a print. Matte prints are fingerprint and smudge resistant, and they work very well with black-and-white photos. Much less glare than glossy.

I truly hope you enjoy the images of my town, my home state of Tennessee and my travels. Click "HERE" " to go to the Gallery. 

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I also offer an additional collection with a few of my images. Click on the link below for more information. 

terrilwatsonphotographystore.com - Focused on Nashville

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